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Golding Altenburg's development team are at the forefront of product design of thermoplastic polymers and polymer systems. Using our development laboratory in Letchworth UK. Golding is able to provide clients in the compounding and hotmelt adhesives industry with leading edge customer focused solutions

Tailored formulations for thermoplastic systems

Thermoplastic polymer adhesives (hotmelt adhesives)


Golding Altenburg's technical team have many years of experience with designing and developing custom formulations for a wide range of applications including packaging, bookbinding, pressure senstives for tapes and labels, product assembly, non wovens and wood working.

We work closely with the client to ensure that the formulation is not only fit for purpose but can be produced locally from the available raw materials. This ensures the client  not only produces a material that is a benefit to the market, but is profitable and sustainable.

Golding Altenburg has a long term international client base, including customers, in South America (Brazil), South East Asia, Europe and the USA and Canada.


Plant design, optimisation and implementation


The team at Golding have many years experience in the design and improvement of machinery used to compound thermoplastic adhesives, polymer blends and compounds. Whether it is batch processing of thermoplastics or elastomers,  PSA compounds, or the continous production of custom adhesives and tie layer compounds, Golding Altenburg has the expertise to make the project a sucess.



Emerging field of Biopolymer design and compounding

New Biopolymer designs


Golding Altenburg is pleased to be participating in a number of projects in Europe aimed at producing a family of new biopolymer products, primarily coming from sugar feedstocks and non-food plant waste / by products


Novel compounding using biopolymers


The new and exciting field of bioplastic and engineered polymer compounds and systems is at the forefront of Golding Altenburg's focus and creative effort. Golding Altenburg is involved in a number of projects to bring these new family of polymers into the commercial world.


Compounding expertise


Golding Altenburg is also pleased to offer its expertise to a number of leading projects in Europe, to assist in developing suitable methods of compounding biopolymers, which is often difficult to realise on a commercial scale

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