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Hotmelt adhesives


Hotmelt adhesives are thermoplastic compounds consisting of a polymer, tackifying agent and additives. They are used worldwide to bond a diverse range of materials in an even wider range of applications. The key to hotmelts is that they are self supporting and the substrates are adhered together in seconds, creating a durable and lasting bond. Hotmelt adhesives are used to bond food packaging, produce self adhesive tapes and labels, books, automotive interior trim, production of furniture, wire and cables and electronics assembly

Golding Altenburg has considerable experience in product development, manufacturing and packaging of these types of products. 

Tie layer compounds


Tie layer adhesives are a type of hotmelt adhesive compound that is designed to be co-extruded during the construction of multiple laminate films used in the packaging industry. As laminate adhesive packaging gets more highly developed, a diverse range of materials need to be laminated together strongly. This creates a laminate film with the correct barrier (gas, liquid) properties or provides protective functionality. Increasingly single polymer tie layers or simple heat fusion is no longer sufficient to produce a strong and durable laminate.

Golding Altenburg has the capability to design, coat and test these materials in-house to customer requirements.

Emulsion compounding


In a world of inceasing environmental awareness very often adhesive or polymer compounds need to be coated on substrates at very low coat weights, sometimes only a few molecules thick. Traditionally this was achieved by dissolving the blend in a suitable solvent carrier system. Using water as the carrier system for the polymer compound greatly reduces the environmental impact of performing thin film functional coatings

Golding Altenburg has the ability to design and test stabilised emulsion systems to the exact requirements of the customer.



Golding Altenburg is pleased to be involved with the emerging market of bioplastics and biopolymers in the key areas of engineering plastics, hotmelt adhesion products, filament and fibre production and lamination films.

Golding altenburg is able to utilise its experience and knowledge of compounding in this new and fast developing market.

Using our deep understanding of compounding and co blending our team are quick to identify new usable compound systems for commercial use.

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