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Scope of operation

Golding Altenburg Consulting aims to be the leading solutions provider to the thermoplastic and adhesive polymer industry. Providing clients with leading edge formulations and compounds for existing and emerging applications. The company also aims to be at the forefront of the design of novel polymer systems derived from non-petroleum sources

Custom formulation /compounding


Development of custom formulations  and compounds for clients including:


Hotmelt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesive, emulsion polymer adhesives and compounds for coatings, adhesives and tie layers


Polymer compounds for engineering plastics, performance elastomers, medical devices, interference products, cables,  RFID's and monetary units


Formed insitu polymers for adhesives, compounds and gaskets

Biopolymers and bioadditives


Devlopment and testing of new bioplastics and polymers for compounding e.g. PLA, PHA.


Compounding bioplastic systems into useable  blends for engineered plastic systems


Formulating compounded systems to include 'bio fillers'


Assisting in the development of new and novel polymer systems based on renewable technology.


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